So, I’ve just walked back along Whitehall and after grabbing some food on the way made it back to my bed at 1am. I had a few canapes and a glass of wine once I’d finished my speaking duties, but I’d not really eaten all day, so felt justified in resorting to my rare burger and fries of the year (minus gherkin).

We’ve just finished our Launch Event at the Institute of Directors. A night of networking, talks and spreading the word about Regent Leadership.

The atmosphere in the Pall Mall venues is always interesting. A mix of the old and the new. Historic buildings, with walls covered in portraits and working at classic furniture, while the conversation is about growth, change and innovation.

The event was a great success. To have around 150 people visit us over the course of the evening, was a wonderful result. We hosted friends old and new, together with those curious to learn more about our Leadership and Team offerings. We were fortunate to have speakers from a variety of backgrounds and perspectives.

Tim Walker, spoke about how having coaching and support for his management team had been invaluable in growing his technology ventures. He highlighted how a structured, balanced approach to personal development has helped him become more productive in both exec and non-exec roles, with a reminder to keep ‘sharpening the saw’.

Simon Blagdon CBE shared some lessons from his military background (including his 3 match mantra) and related his thoughts on personal values developed in his corporate career, in particular his current role as Chair of Fujitsu (UK).

Dr Maurizio Bragagni, CEO of a global cable manufacturer talked about his experiences leading Tratos in the UK. Again, there was a theme of personal growth and development, rooted in strong ethics and values, and a willingness to learn.

Finally, Selva Pankaj, our Regent Group CEO shared how his own leadership journey has been influenced by the Proctor Gallagher Institute course, Thinking Into Results, which we offer through Regent Leadership. Selva is passionate about the immense value TiR brings to those who use it as a vehicle for personal development. It is truly an ‘inside out’ programme, focussing on the individual and detailing very much on how, rather than what, to think.

The one thing that was common, was the point that leadership and teamwork are about making connections with people. Working with people is a contact sport, not a process. It has many facets and many perspectives, it is a different experience for different people, yet it is one of the constants that technology and automation will never replace.

Hence, for those who invest in their teams and developing leadership and leaders in their organisations, it will remain a competitive advantage in a world where other advantages are being overridden by technology, connectivity and process.

So, a great evening sharing our progress and we are already looking forward to our New Year Summit on Jan 23rd where we will be sharing more knowledge from speakers and workshops to improve capabilities with your teams.

We hope you can join us for the next part of the Regent Journey.