His purpose is to share with the wider world of what he has learnt and in so doing helping, inspiring, and guiding people to grow themselves and lead a successful business and life.

Vishal began work at Regent Group as a Digital Marketing Manager and was introduced to the ‘Thinking Into Results’ programme. After studying what the training had to offer, he feels it aligns very well with his passion.

“TiR is a programme for leaders of today who want to understand what it is that makes a successful inspirational leader able to achieve exponential results.”

Vishal believes this course is for everyone.

“It is only when one is able to be a great leader for oneself that they will be able to lead others to make quantum leaps in their life and business.”

Integrating this into one’s life will not only change your results radically in the business or corporate world but it will also lead you to live a life of health and happiness.